"I encourage you to expand your horizons, see the big picture, and live the truth"


Passionate about nature, philosophy and freedom, Carolina was born in Lisbon in 1991. From an early age she dedicated herself to Painting, Music and Yoga - she considers this to be the trinity that makes her express everything she is.

 Yogini since 2009, yoga teacher since 2013, in the same year Carolina founded the music group MERU where she intuitively composes, sings, plays indian sitar, adufe, native american flute, among others. In 2015, Carolina created a solo project The Sarasvati Experience, a meditative and expansive sound journey, guided by ancestral chants and musical instruments from different corners of the Earth. The Sarasvati Experience expands itself into a group experience, of self-development and transmutation, combining yoga, painting and music.

Based in Ericeira, Portugal, by the atlantic ocean, Carolina teaches regular yoga classes to the community, facilitates retreats, sound journeys, concerts and workshops. Through her work, she feels the mission to awaken in others awareness, sensitivity, compassion, healing and creativity. 


"I opened my eyes for a moment to see if it was true, where did this charming voice come from? Carolina, you are a wonderful woman, guru." 
Svetlana - Yoga & Sitar session


"You are such an inspiring person, Carol. Thank you for creating magic..."
Natalia - Yoga & Sitar session


"Very grateful for today, I was amazed with everything, specially with your wonderful voice" 
Matilde - Yoga & Sitar session


"Thank you for a wonderful class in this magic place. I felt so much calmer and quiet inside after it. I love the way you integrate the instruments." 
Karin - Yoga & Sitar session