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"When we are born we are all sentient beings. We live with the intensity, imagination and purity of being a child. Any art is a means of liberation from what one is. It's a channel that we all have access to, if we want to find it. It is a channel that connects us to the subtle and the unconscious.

   As we grow, we accumulate concepts, prejudices and judgments. Comparison and frustration develop, we want to achieve perfection, we want to be recognized, equal and original. Vices and incessant searches are created in the outside world. We forget to stop and we no longer know how to feel, we lose sensitivity and listening.

   Expression is the result of what is happening within us as individuals and, for the most sensitive, of what is also happening in the collective.

   Our intention is to facilitate the conscious encounter with this channel that connects us to the intellect and to true expression - through exercises of liberation, meditation, drawing and painting - as a means of self-knowledge and self-healing. As we work this channel, we develop vision, perception and intuition, opening the way to our heart.

When we align ourselves with our vibration and learn to listen, and to listen with eyes - to observe -, the self-portrait itself conveys messages and sensations, concrete or abstract. There is a communication between the painter and the painting, going beyond the separation, until the painter is the painting itself. The painter is the painting. The observer is the observed."

Carolina Pizarro

JUN / 22