Y O G A   C L A S S E S

Hātha Yoga

āsana, prānāyāma, kriyā, mudrā, bandha, yoganidrā, mantra, dhyāna
In each class we use the different technical disciplines of yoga as tools that develop the human being in consciousness and balance. All levels are welcome.

Where to practice?



Piscinas Municipais da Ericeira

  • Segunda 20:30
  • Quarta 20:30

Parque de Santa Marta

  • Terça 18:30

Surf Yoga Portugal

  • Terça 19:45


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+2 aulas novas por semana

Pratica quando quiseres no conforto da tua casa. Podes escolher a hora mais conveniente para ti, pois cada aula fica gravada no grupo por mais de 7 dias. As aulas são dadas em Directo (live), num grupo privado com os alunos, no Facebook.


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Private classes are designed especially for you, after a first conversation serving as a diagnosis. These specialized classes are more effective on what the person wants to develop. Yoga is a path of self-knowledge on a physical, emotional and mental level, and it can serve as a healing tool, its effect depends on your true intention and openness. It is known that Yoga, beyond revitalizing the physical body, can help to heal or reduce symptoms of psychological problems, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, etc.


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Breath is life.
Learning how to breathe will bring you a strong connection with your living body and with nature itself.
It will give you longevity, vitality, reduce stress and blood pressure, emotional and trauma realease, prevent diseases, improve mental health.
Breathwork sessions are based on practicing ancient yogic techniques of breathing - known as Pranayama.
The exercises are performed in a slow pace, learning from the most basic progressively to the advanced ones, step by step. For the best results, the practice should be done regularly.